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Cova Instastory Icon

26 icons and 9 backgrounds PNG to make your instastory hightlight icon awesome.

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Cova Instastory Icon

Spice Up Your Instagram Profile

Premade PNG and seperated elements to replace your instastory hightlight icon.





Title Text


Mix & Match


  • PNG Image-based Icon

    Easily adjust metal pin's color to gold, silver or black, all within neatly arranged smart layers.

  • Post it to your instastory

    Use premade icon and set it as instastory hightlight cover.

  • Use MERGE to mix & match

    MERGE is free companion webapp that you can use to mix and match Cova element. Access it here.

  • Mix & Match background, icon, and text.

  • 9 background colors to choose.

    Make sure your design elements are not overlaying each other.

  • Icon & Text

    Icon theme is chosen based on common Instastory theme. Some of theme also has an options to choose to.

Premade and ready to use.

Premade and pre-composed icon is also included so you can just upload it to your profile.


Video Tutorial


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Inside the bundle:

  • 2 PSDs: front & angled with back card design

  • 1 Ai sample vector design

  • Background images

  • Video tutorial

Requirements: CC 2015/2018/2019