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About coinicon

coinicon is a simplified version of cryptocurrency logo and icon. All of these icons are my personal reinterpretation of the actual logo without changing any essential part of the visual, and keeping the icon identifiable as it is.

coinicon is made by Rizal Renaldi a.k.a HelloSignal

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Terms & Disclaimer

  • Use these icons only to represent it's actual cryptocurrency
  • No copyright infringement intended on all of these icon


coinicon is a font-based icon with pre-configured setting via css.

  1. Download the package on Github
  2. Copy fonts folder
  3. Insert css on your html's head.

            <link rel="stylesheet" href="coinicon.css">



<i class="ci ci-btc"></i>
<i class="ci ci-eth"></i>
<i class="ci ci-ltc"></i>

Existing version (1.0) contains 64 cryptocurrency icons based on actual market cap top rank from in early November 2017. Use each currency's actual code with the ci- prefix.


<i class="ci-s ci-btc"></i> // 24px
<i class="ci ci-btc"></i> // 48px default
<i class="ci-m ci-btc"></i> // 64px
<i class="ci-l ci-btc"></i> // 96px

coinicon's based size is 48px. Shrink it down using suffix -s, and make it larger using -m and -l. Create your own set of sizes by overriding this suffix.


    <i class="ci ci-btc btc-color"></i>
    <i class="ci ci-eth eth-color"></i>
    <i class="ci ci-etc etc-color"></i>


Pre-configured color is set for each icon. So far, only NAVcoin and Ripple that has gradient color.

Special treatment on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Since both share same icon, use .ci-etc for both icon, and use .eth-color for Ethereum's color and .etc-color for Ethereum Classic's color.

Round Frame

    <i class="ci-s ci-btc btc-round"></i>
    <i class="ci ci-neo neo-round"></i>
    <i class="ci-m ci-xrp xrp-round"></i>


Round frame variation using the same color with colored icon. Easily combine it with size suffix.

Special treatment on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Since both share same icon, use .ci-etc for both icon, and use .eth-round for Ethereum's round color and .etc-round for Ethereum Classic's round color.