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About SignalSupply

Originally written on October 30, 2017, from the earliest version of SignalSupply's blog. Since then many have changed and this article may not relevant and may not reflect the actual situations.

I supposed to say Hello World! as this is the very first post on SignalSupply's blog :) Since this is the first post, I would like to tell you how SignalSupply started and the vision behind it.

Honestly, SignalSupply was never planned to be a dedicated store for high quality design supply. It was a side track from my main HelloSignal project. Then came a moment where I really need a mockup for soft enamel pin, but unluckily there's no good mockup out there. Later I decided to make one myself and I guess there are people out there who also need this mockup.

So I put my enamel pin on Creative Market. I'm happy because it turn out have good reception, seeing the number of people who bought my soft enamel pin mockup and leaving comments on its product page.

After that, I think I should make another product, so I decided to build my own website, as a gallery and product presentation, while still maintain store on Creative Market. Later, for those who don't want to buy at Creative Market, this website also provide direct purchase, backed with Gumroad.

My aim on SignalSupply is to provide artfully-crafted design supply, with my personal touch. Although it's a supply, which means to be generic so people who buy it can easily applied it on various kind of design project, but I really want to make a products that are not too generic. Many I found supply that being too generic, which is sometimes good, but I don't want to take that direction with SignalSupply's product.

The bottom line is I will always strive to make a high quality design supply, which hopefully meets your need.